We have completely seperated the Acosutic Stage to a an area around the Main Arena. Providing continous performers for you over the weekend to enjoy. Showcasing alot of local talent for you all to enjoy in a relaxed area of the festival. Dave Manning all the way from America will be the host of the Acosutic Stage performing several times over the course of the weekend.
 Dave ManningDave Manning
 Jack Benjamin JamesF & M Music
 Bex & FredaJamos & The Sir Matthew Band
 Breeze RedwineDave Manning
 Dave ManningPeter Hepworth
Dave ManningBrooke Telling????
 Chris PidgeonDave Manning
 CJ Brown 
 Dave Manning 

F & M MUSIC - F & M Music has been gigging around the East Anglia area since we were established in early 2017. The young duo performs a range of musical numbers ranging from mellow blues to modern pop hits and we are happy to tailor our set-list to meet your gigging requirements. Freddie, 17, is a master of the guitar, drums, and keyboard whilst also being a skilled sound technician and singer. Maddie, 17, is an accomplished and equally talented singer who injects passion and stunning vocals into the duo’s popular performances. As a duo, have had a life-long interest in the music industry and artists spanning many decades. At the forefront of our ethos is a desire to entertain at each and every gig — a forward-thinking attitude ensures that the next gig is always more important than the last. Instagram Facebook

JAMOS & THE SIR MATTHEW BAND – The Jamos and Sir Mathew Band are an acoustic four piece playing originals and covers from artists such as Queens of the Stone Age, 10CC and more. You Tube Facebook

PETER HEPWORTH – In 2006 Hepworth signed to Chromium Records and released his first and only single: Eternity, which went straight into the top 100, in Switzerland, for one week. At the same time Eternity was synced to a cigarette advert in Mexico for two weeks. By the end of the month Chromium went into receivership. Eternity was then picked up by Matchbox Records and re-released as part of a compilation album. Eternity can still be found on Spotify, only because we can’t work out how to remove it, and to this day, currently stands as the 1.7 millionth most popular song on Amazon. In Hepworth’s own words “I hate that song”. After experiencing the dark side of the music industry, Hepworth decided to follow a different path. Sailing his 1906 Dutch barge from London, he got it stuck upon the mud flats of Suffolk, where he ended up settling, and became the brain child of Blue Bus Tour: a 1962, split screen, VW camper van called Dorothy, which he converted into a mobile, solar powered stage complete with lighting rig ( Hepworth, along with a few musical friends have spent the past few years driving around the country setting up ‘pop up’ gigs and festivals in various fields and woods and sometimes at established festivals too. Peter picked up the guitar again in 2015 and starting from scratch he now performs over 150 gigs a year across Europe, at venues such as The Royal Dorchester in London for HRH Princess Royal, to the Nightclubs of Chamonix. Although Hepworth was off the public scene as a performing/recording artists for many years, he has been performing and writing continually under the radar. In the past few years he has shared the stage with the likes of Beth Orton, Bastille, Turin Brakes, To Kill a King, Seasfire, Tom McRae, Jamie Lawson, Sam Brookes, Scott Matthews, Kal Lavelle, Jake Morley, Fiona Bevan, and many more…. Currently working with award winning producer Gerry Diver, Hepworth’s album is a highly anticipated, very long overdue collection of beautiful and timeless songs. Instagram Facebook